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More businesses are sadly falling victim to cyber attacks and data breaches.  It is vital that managers act now to safeguard against these sort of threats.  This is of even greater importance in light of new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that came into force in 2018.

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Here at Infinity Print Solutions, we provide specialist solutions to support you in mitigating the risks associated with cyber-security threats and data breaches.


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Data Protection Software & Management

More than just computer files

Office printers and photocopiers risk being overlooked as a cause of serious data or security issues.  Some main threats are explained below:

Document Theft or Snooping

Staff neglecting to collect print jobs from a printer of copier leaves sensitive information at risk of being seen of taken by others, causing a potential date breach.

Data Breaches due to Human Error

Environments involving several printers or multiple users of one machine are susceptible to human error.  Documents risk getting mixed up and sent to the wrong person.  Print jobs can also get 'lost' through being sent to the wrong printer or copier.

Printer Network Hacking

Any network-connected device is vulnerable to hacks.  Printers are particularly at threat if they lack more advanced security features.  A printer's hard drive can be compromised and documents sent to it can then be captured and potentially accessed or sent to unauthorised parties.

Unauthorised changes to settings

If printer settings and controls aren't secure, users can accidentally or intentionally alter or re-route print jobs, access copies of documents or wipe the printer of all settings, rendering it unusable.

Let Infinity Print Solutions remove your Data Security headaches

Armed with the latest intelligent security capabilities, our software dilligently supports the protection of sensitive data and documents.  In addition, integrated breakthrough technology gives managers the ability to detect and prevent any potential data breaches before they happen.

Whilst we recognise that it's impossible to eliminate 100% of threats, our data protection solutions can give peace of mind that your print and copy systems are being protected and working in full compliance with the latest GDPR regulations and security standards, as risks are expertly managed and controlled.

For more information about any of our software solutions, and how they can benefit your school or business, please get in touch. Our software specialists will conduct a thorough assessment of your requirements and provide a tailored package to suit you and the needs of your environment.