Print Audit Service
For Businesses in Lancaster, Carlisle and Beyond

Taking the stress out of printing

When printing costs and usage seems to be spiralling out of control, our print audit takes a true and accurate snapshot of your actual printing demands.

Using our own partner-developed software to track your printing requirements, we will also visit your sites and ask lots of questions so we can fully understand your business’s needs.

Most print users do not know what their equipment is really costing. They know how much they paid for the equipment but not the true running costs or how efficient it is.

Costs can and do escalate particularly when colour is printed:

Infinity Print Solutions have developed software that enables us to gather data in real time on everything printed. It analyses all prints produced including the most important factor “page coverage”.

Secure Print Audits in Carlisle and Lancaster

Discover the true cost of your printing

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Premiere Print Audits for School and Businesses in Lancaster and CarlislePremiere Print Audits for School and Businesses in Lancaster and Carlisle
Printer Audit Reports

Accurate and Informative

Our printer audit allows us to report back to you with:

  • 100% accurate cost-per-page
  • Equipment lifespan expectations
  • Potential future expenditure
  • Where equipment is being used inefficiently
  • Historic and future reliability

Once the audit is complete we will share with you our findings, they will include a proposal that will hopefully save you time, money and stress.

We work with our customers to find the best possible bespoke solutions, which will often mean a mixture of new and existing equipment. Unlike all other suppliers we can manage and maintain both which means you have all your equipment serviced and maintained by just one company.

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