Printer Models 101: What Printer Is Best for Me?

Did you know that the first commercial laser printer was invented by IBM in nineteen eighty-five and that it originally cost around seventeen thousand dollars?

Over the last few decades, it’s become much easier to buy and use printers. Not only are they much less expensive than they used to be, but they print text and images at a much higher quality. But since there are now so many types of printer models that exist, people often struggle to understand which printer models will suit their needs.

To help you out, we’ve written a guide. Keep reading and we will tell you everything that you need to know.

Printer Shopping: The Different Kinds of Printers

Before deciding what kind of printer to use, you first need to assess what your needs are. Some people need to create black and white documents as quickly as they can. Others need to print colour images that are of the highest possible quality.

Inkjet Printers

People like to use inkjet printers because they can handle many different kinds of tasks. This includes printing documents that are heavy in text. This is why they are so popular with students who need to write and print their essays and reports.

They are also able to print photos. In most situations, they print better photographs than laser printers do.

Inkjet printers are very quiet when they’re printing and are small enough to fit onto the edge of a desk.

One of the major downsides of inkjet printers is that it can be expensive to replace their ink cartridges. They also tend to print pages with black text at a much slower rate than other kinds of printers.

Laser Printers

People who need to print lots of pages with black text should consider using laser printers. Also keep in mind that colour laser printers do a great job at printing business graphics, graphs, and charts at very rapid speeds.

If you need to print more than several hundred pages per month, it’s a good idea to use a laser printer. Even though it costs a lot to buy new toner cartridges, they tend to last much longer than inkjet print cartridges do.

If you need to work in a quiet environment, you can’t have a laser printer nearby because they are so noisy. They also take up much more space than other kinds of printers.

Lastly, laser printers do not tend to do a great job at printing photos.

Multifunction Printers

You can get laser multifunction printers as well as inkjet multifunction printers. This is a good kind of printer to have if you need to fax, scan, and print. This is why they are such a popular kind of printer for people who need to do lots of office work.

Best Types of Printers for Personal Use

If you are going to be printing from home, it’s a good idea to get a printer that is small, affordable, and quiet. If you need to do a lot of scanning and copying, you should consider getting a three-in-one printer.

Those who are willing to spend a bit more and whose primary goal is to print lots of documents in black and white should consider getting a laser printer. If you want to print high-quality photos, it’s a good idea to get an inkjet printer.

One of the best printers for personal use is the EPSON XP4105. This inkjet printer is small and is loaded with valuable features. You can use it to print wirelessly and it has a large interactive screen that is easy to navigate.

If your whole family is going to be printing documents, you should consider using the PIXMA TS6350. It does a spectacular job at printing photographs. Just like other modern inkjet printers, you can use the PIXMA TS6350 to print wirelessly and it has an LED status bar.

Best Types of Printers for Business Use

If you run a small business with five or fewer employees and if you won’t be printing more than fifteen hundred pages per month, you should consider using a multifunction inkjet printer. It’s a good idea to choose printer leasing if you don’t want to have to worry about buying new ink cartridges when they run out.

Those who run larger businesses and who need to print many pages of black and white text on a daily basis should consider using a laser printer such as the ECOSYS P2235dn. This printer can print up to thirty-five pages per minute and is capable of printing to a resolution of up to 1200 dpi.

If you run a large business and need to print out hundreds of documents every day, you should choose a printer that is fast and dependable. It’s also a good idea to get a multifunction printer.

One of the most popular printers for large businesses is the Taskalfa 408ci. It’s easy to use and has many valuable features such as mobile printing and advanced scan functionality.

There Are Printer Models to Suit Every Kind of Need

If you need to print documents but are not sure which printer models are best to use, keep in mind that it’s ideal to use inkjet printers for personal use. If you need to use a printer for business purposes, it’s usually a good idea to use a laser printer.

If you’re looking to lease a printer, we’re here to help. We have different plans to suit your needs, regardless of whether you need a printer for personal or business purposes. To get started, create a plan today.

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